My First Umbllera


Awareness and Creation

Taking good care of the things we use. Feeling guilty when something is wasted. Today, the sensibilities that we have long identified with in Japanese culture seem to have become less relevant. Taking advantage of the versatile design of the +TIC umbrella, we offer workshops where children can learn about these values through a fun, umbrella-making experience through the SORA KASA KIT.

Learning about umbrellas

Most children have only seen umbrellas in their completed form. In this workshop, children will learn about the design and structure of the umbrella. They will also learn about our environment and the importance of taking care of the things we own.

Creating the umbrella

The children will build the frame, learn about its parts and structure, and stretch out the vinyl fabric for the canopy. By making an umbrella with their own hands, children will not only learn about design and structure, but about repairing and reusing the things they own.

Making it special

Children can decorate their umbrellas using paint and stickers to create one-of-a-kind designs. These umbrellas can be taken home at the end of the workshop.

My First Umbllera
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