Our mission to use creativity
to build a clean future.

Let’s consider our planet, our future, our products, our loved ones, and ourselves. Let’s be “cleanative.”
Cleanative is our guiding principle and mission at Caetla to transform the future of our monozukuri—our manufacturing processes that embody the spirit and history of Japan’s innovation and skilled craftsmanship. We are partnering with other companies and organizations who share this mission.

1. Considering our planet
We can’t avoid the rain.
But we can avoid harming our planet.
We hope that our home will continue to be a beautiful place. To keep our planet clean and beautiful, we must rethink our manufacturing practices and seriously reconsider what we truly need and don’t need.

2. Considering our future
How do you envision your future?
We encourage innovative manufacturing that will stop the issues we face today from becoming serious problems in the future. Let us manufacture not only to satisfy today’s necessities but to enjoy our future.

3. Considering ourselves
When you can stand tall and confident,
your perspective widens.
Are we truly proud of what we do? Are we confident in how we lead our lives? We continue to improve the way we approach manufacturing by constantly asking ourselves these questions. Through our work, we contribute to the advancement of our society.

4. Considering our products
Repairing and caring for something is as important as creating it.
It can take a few years after a purchase to realize the true value of a product. The moment often arrives when you have taken great care of a product and have used it over many years. Our goal is to manufacture products that allow the users to nurture a fondness and love for the things they own.

5. Considering our loved ones
There is love in things that are well-made.
When we give a gift to someone we love, we want to make them happy, and we want them to treasure it. As a manufacturer, we believe that we can infuse our products with the love we have for our friends and family. This is the kind of manufacturing that we hope to achieve.

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