MAISON&OBJET PARIS 2024 Jan Participation Report

Caetla Co., Ltd. exhibited at Maison & Objet, a trade fair for interior design held at the Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center in Paris for five days from January 18 (Thu.) to 22 (Mon.), 2024.

Here is a report on Caetla’s booth and the exhibition hall.


*What is Maison & Objet?
Maison & Objet is an international interior and design trade fair held twice a year in Paris in January and September. It is one of the world’s largest trade fairs, where all kinds of items related to “Maison” (home) are gathered. Many buyers, designers, and trendsetters visit the show, and the latest trend information travels around the world.

The theme of this year’s exhibition was “TECH EDEN. Its meaning is “to fuse cutting-edge technology with organic, paradise-like design to create a new approach to well-being,” and many products in line with this theme were on display at the exhibition.



This is a shot of the venue on the opening day of the exhibition on Thursday, January 18. Paris was very cold due to the strong cold wave from the previous day, and there were still snow and puddles here and there in the city.

Although there were some disruptions in the traffic network, many people lined up to get to the venue.


会場ホール1の入り口。WELCOME MAISON&OBJETの横断幕が出迎えてくれる。

The venue consists of seven halls, with exhibits divided into halls by genre.


The Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord-Villepinte (Paris-Nord-Villepinte Exhibition Hall) is built in a semicircular and radial shape, making it easy to move from hall to hall.

The exhibition area is 246,000 m2, which is about twice as large as Tokyo Big Sight, the largest exhibition site in Japan, but there are almost no upper and lower levels as in Big Sight.


Caetla opened a booth in Hall 2, in the “SMART GIFT” category.

ホール2、SMART GIFTエリアのエントランス。




Caetla’s booth location was a little further back from the center of the gorgeous venue.



The design of the booth was monotone, giving a chic and simple impression.

The umbrellas on display were from the “+TIC (plastic)” series.

One is “+TIC FABRIC CANOPY,” a new fabric version of the +TIC series that was added to the vinyl fabric lineup last year. The one-tone colors of white and black are timeless yet modern, and can be used by anyone.


↑The two in the front are “+TIC FABRIC CANOPY” and the two in the back are “+TIC COOL SHADE”.

The other is “+TIC COOL SHADE”. This is a line of umbrellas in the +TIC series that can be used in both sunny and rainy weather. It looks like a folding umbrella in its umbrella cover, but it is a normal long umbrella. It is a long umbrella, but not too long, and is cropped to just the right size. It comes in two colors, gray and black.

The “+TIC LITE” convenience store model was added to the exhibit, giving visitors a total of six umbrellas on display. Since most of the surrounding booths had many colorful exhibits, this must have given a novel impression to the visitors who walked around the venue.


↑The gray umbrella is “+TIC LITE”. This model is distributed at convenience stores.

分解した状態で置かれた『+TIC FABRIC CANOPY』のホワイト。

↑The disassembled umbrella was also displayed. We explain by showing that “+TIC series can be easily disassembled without tools.”


↑Postcards, catalogs, and other materials used to explain products were placed in easy-to-reach locations.



↑Business meeting with visitors. We explained various costs and product concepts to the visitors by having them touch and feel the products.


One of the most common responses we received from visitors to our booth was “the design is good. And, “What exactly is Saera’s attempt to be ‘eco-friendly’?”

In France, environmental friendliness is now a standard requirement for all companies. Saera’s use of plastic was anathema to the Maison & Objet management team during the judging of this year’s exhibition.

However, we were able to explain to them that Saera’s use of plastic is based on the sustainability of umbrellas and, by extension, on the circular economy, and they understood this.


Through this exhibition, Saera was able to meet new business partners from overseas and obtain a great deal of information about the “eco-friendly” concept in France and Europe.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and business partners for their continued support.

We will make the most of our experience at the exhibition to further improve our quality in the future, and we look forward to your continued patronage.



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