Beware of malicious scam sites that use our company information without permission!

There are malicious scam sites that use our company profile (address, phone number and representative name) without permission.
This site is not operated or managed by the Company,
It has nothing to do with us.

If you use such a malicious site,
In addition to fraud, personal information may be misused.
Please be careful with your customers.

■About the malicious scam sites that are currently being identified
A malicious scam site that has been verified.
(Last-Modified: May 12, 2022)

* The above site is not related to our company at all.
■ In the unlikely event of a damage, the nearest police station or
Please consult with the Cybercrime Consultation Desk or consumer affairs center.

List of cybercrime consultation desks, etc. of prefectural police headquarters

About trouble between fraud sites and customers
Please note that we are not responsible for any of the following.

May 12, 2022
Caetla Co., Ltd.

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