Indispensable Umbllera


Awareness and Creation

After getting almost poked in the eye with spikes on umbrellas that had turned up-side-down, Blunt’s creator, Greig Brebner, began working on the first Blunt model using glue and kite materials.

Withstanding winds of 30m/s

Blunt’s sturdiness lies in its unique structure designed to maintain tension in the canopy fabric. Every Blunt model was tested against natural wind and inside a wind tunnel for its ability to endure strong winds. The result is an umbrella that can withstand wind speeds of up to 30m/s.

Safe and friendly design

Unlike other umbrellas, Blunt’s tips are rounded and covered in fabric so that they won’t harm other people or poke them in the eye, even when used in crowded cities.

Highly functional and new

To create an umbrella that can withstand wild winds, the creators of Blunt came up with the Radial Tensioning System, or RTS™. It is a completely new design that efficiently transfers the effort used in opening the umbrella into tension on the canopy surface.

Indispensable Umbllera
From disposable to indispensable. BLUNT is a New Zealand-born umbrella that has been reinvented to be the most safe, durable, and user-friendly umbrella on the market.

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